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Lilley 79

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Palm City, FL, us
About me:
My name is Lilley ClaudioMarried for 51 yrs to Merio ,the Italian,I'm Irsh. Had 3 sons one past away at 23 in a motorcycle accident.he is with me every day. Have 2 grand children and one great grandchild. Branden just finish College and is trying for the pros in football. Mandy is finish college and still taking courses in being in the medical field. My husband was Postmaster in Hollywood Fla I was a Manager of health spas and exercise teacher for 25 yrs in Miami Beach,Hialeah . I was born in Miami Fla and have lived in Florida all my life.My sons live in Fla too. Merio was born in Hopoken New Jersey.Meet me and been in Fla every sense. Had a Liver transplant 10 yrs ago and still kicking.God Bless the donor. Have my own group but we are new to yuku as we came from msn.Hard to start over but we will make it. Love to learn new things and walking on the beach and Sudoku,Crocheting when I can and playing computer games on the computer also when I can.Thats about it. Stop by and say Hi
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I love songs of the past ,but also love today music except rap and opera.
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Dog the Bounty Hunter American Idol Dancing with the Stars Surveror Entertainment Amazing Race
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I love all kinds of movies.

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